K9 Power Pet Supplements

I may be a beautiful model, but just like any other Victoria Secret model, it’s not easy looking this perfect. It might surprise you to know that I drive my hooman nuts with all my scratching. She’s tried all kinds of things to help remedy this and the results have been mediocre at best. Shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and supplements…I’ve tried them all. Now I’m trying out this K9 Power Supplement in the Show Stopper Formula. This supplement has coconut oil, omega-3, omega-6, vitamins C & E, and many other nutrients that we’ve always read about that are good for your skin and coat. Now I can get all these great nutrients in a scoop of delicious powder mixed in with my food…and you guys know how much I looooove my food!


I’ve read up on this company (cuz I’m a smart doggo) and the ingredients they are trying to feed me and can say I feel confident I am getting great quality product from them. They use human-grade ingredients like carrots, blueberries, and broccoli sprouts so I can eat just as well as the hooman does. If a hooman can’t eat it, why would I eat it? They also DON’T use any by-products, fillers, or artificial colors and flavors in their pet supplements. Antioxidants aren’t just for hoomans…they’re also great for doggos and help with skin inflammation. Knowing that I’m getting great quality ingredients that will also help my health is vital to me and my hooman.



I’ve been using the supplement for about a week now and can tell you that my coat has never looked better. I get just a partial scoop of this stuff on my food at every meal and I lick it all up! Plus, just look at my coat! It’s shiny and beautiful…a necessity for a model like myself! It’s not only making me a Show Stopper, but I’m also a head-turner 😉



If you’d like to try K9 Power Show Stopper for your pup, you can use my coupon code, SMOOSH10 to get 10% off on Amazon  (valid 8/9 – 8/31). In addition to the Show Stopper formula, they also have Joint Strong, Super Fuel, and Puppy Gold formulas available on Amazon as well. It’s a quick, healthy, and convenient solution to getting your furbaby the vitamins and supplements they need.


Thank you K9 Power for sponsoring this post.