DIY Flower Crown

With music festival season about to start, I thought I’d do a DIY on the ethereal flower crowns all the lovely lasses wear. With the help of my hooman, I will show you how to make your own with real or fake flowers (I used fake ones) so you can be basic AF too!

I sent the hooman to Michael’s to buy supplies. You can get coupons for your local Michael’s store in their app and their website so you don’t have to pay full price for the stuff.

Tools for DIY Flower Crown


To begin, I needed to measure the floral wire around my head. Add about 1-2 inches because you will be wrapping tape and flowers around it, so it will bulk up around the wire. I made mine large enough to fit over my head so I could wear it around my neck if I’m not in the mood to sit still for pics with the crown on my head.

Determine the size of your crown


Shape the wire into a circle with the ends overlapping about an inch. Wrap the entire wire with the floral tape, binding the ends together as well to form a loop.

Wrap the wire with floral tape creating a loop


Now for the fun part….the flowers and greenery! You will start with the greenery. You will trim the greenery so there is about 2-3 inches of the stem remains, which will be used to attach it to the crown. I had the hooman use hot glue to attach the greenery stem to the crown wire first. Then we used about 8-10 inches of floral tape to wrap the stem to the wire, as shown below. We then used a dot of hot glue to make sure the end of the tape is glued down. Continue to do this around the entire crown.

Add greenery


Now it’s time to add the flowers. Use the same method as you used to add the greenery. Make sure you keep the stem about 3 inches long so you can wrap it with the floral tape.

Add flowers


And now you are done! Let me know if you tried this out. I’d love to see pics!