DIY Doggie TeePee

Teepees are all the rage right now, but my hooman didn’t want to splurge on something she thought we could make ourselves. After a little research, we spent about $20 on supplies and now I have a beautiful pink teepee! If you’re more savvy than my Hooman, you can probably make one for cheaper!

4 Wooden Dowels (1/2″ x 48″ from Home Depot)

Canvas Dropcloth or any fabric at least 42″ x 84″


Optional: Paint

Supplies for DIY doggie teepee

We started by painting the canvas. This is optional and, of course, you can design it however you’d like. I love flowers and I love pink, so I decided I wanted a pretty cherry blossom print. I took a sponge and cut it into the shape of a petal. Using pink and white paint, I sponge painted the petals onto the canvas to create a 5-petal flower. You can create any design you’d like. I also like seeing more geometric patterns or stripes.

Paint your canvas (Optional)
Once the paint is dry, it’s time to cut the drop cloth canvas down to size. You will be creating a semi-circle to wrap around your teepee. You want the radius of the canvas to be the same as the length of your dowels, minus the length of the dowel you want peeking out the top. Since my dowel is 4 feet and I will have about 6 inches showing on top, I will be creating a semicircle with a 3.5 foot radius. Fold your drop cloth in half, width-wise. In the middle of the canvas length, where the fold starts, this will be the center of your circle. Use your dowel or a piece of string measured to 3.5 feet, and mark the canvas out from the center point to create a semicircle. Now cut it out. See the diagram below if you’re getting confused!

With canvas folded, cut out your semicircle

Next we will tie the dowels together. Create an X with 2 dowels across and 2 dowels down and create a clove hitch.

Tie dowels together

Position the dowels to create the teepee form.


Drape the fabric over your dowels. Use a clip or pins to temporarily hold the canvas in place. Use pins or a pen on the inside of the canvas to mark where the dowels hit the fabric. You will use this as a guide for where to sew small tabs or ribbon to tie the canvas to the dowels. This will help keep the canvas in place and will help hold the shape of the teepee.

Sew or glue extra pieces of fabric, string, ribbon, or elastic on the inside of the fabric. I used 2 tabs for each dowel.

Add tabs/ties on the inside to tie to the dowels

Tie the canvas to the dowels. Bring the front flaps together and sew the top portion together. I used twine and a large needle to tie it together.


And there you have it! You’re own doggo teepee!


Additional ideas for your teepee:

Paint the ends of the dowel to make it prettier

Add a rug or pillow inside to make it comfy