DIY Doggie Sunglasses

Summer is coming! With the sun shining bright, I like to wear some shades to keep things cool. Regular human sunglasses fall off so easily so I did a little research and found how to make my own doggo sunglasses for super cheap. I only spent about $2 on supplies at my local dollar store, but I’m including online shopping links to similar items below.


Kid Size Sunglasses (similar here)

Elastic headband (similar here)

Glasses repair kit (I already own one, but you can find a similar one here)

2 small jump rings (I took some off old unused charms, you can buy a pack here or go to your local bead store to purchase them for a couple cents)

Supplies for DIY Doggo Sunglasses

First, remove the screws keeping the sunglasses arms in place using the glasses repair kit screwdriver.

Remove the screws


Thread your headband into the jump rings. These will hold the headband onto the sunglasses.

Thread headband onto jump rings

Thread the jump ring onto the sunglasses, through the holes where the screws were. If you are using string, you will thread the string through the screw holes and then tie the string to the headband.

Thread jump rings into screw hole of sunglasses

That’s it! You’re done! To wear the sunglasses, you will wrap the top part of the elastic on the top of your head, going under the ears. Then wrap the bottom part of the headband under your chin. This should keep them on securely. Now go have fun in the sun!