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Please enjoy exclusive discount codes to some of my favorite shops. I use or have used all the products on this page so you know these are Mushu-approved!

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Brown bear and black bear zoosnoods
Brown bear & Black bear snoods

15% off code: MOOSHY15

Knit snoods for your furry friend.

Spark Paws

Pink Zebra jacket from Spark Paws
Pink Zebra Jacket

15% off code: MUSHU15

Streetwear inspired dog clothes.

Great Dog Designs

Great Dog Designs Collars
Rainbow Collar

10% off code: MUSHU10

Fun and fashionable pet collars.

Friendship Collar

Friendship Collar

15% off code: MUSHU15

Matching collars and bracelets.

In Pups We Trust

Fun toys from In Pups We Trust
Chewy Vuiton toys

15% off code: MUSHU15

Unique and fun pet products.

Support Black-Owned Businesses

Kono's Kitchen

Delicious freeze dried dogs treats
Freeze dried treats

15% off code: SMOOSHY15

Freeze dried raw treats.

Dog Mamma's

Dog Treats
Organic Treats

20% off code: MUSHU20

Organic oven-baked treats.

Love the Dog

Love the Dog Treats
Beef & Tumeric Treats

15% off code: MUSHU

Fresh, functional treats

Ava's Pet Palace

Fresh baked dog treats
Cheeze Please Bites

15% off code: MUSHU

Organic dog and cat treats.

Support Black-Owned Businesses

Grounds & Hounds

Coffe and drinkware
Rescue Roast

15% off code: MUSHU15

Every purchase helps a pup in need.

Creative Designs by Cristal

Rhinestone Bling Collar

15% off code: MUSHU15

Handmade collars.

Support Black-Owned Businesses

Louis de Coton

10% off code: MUSHU10

Eco-Conscious Performance Fashion for Dogs