Chewy Box Dog House

A new house just for me! As part of a contest I am participating in, I am going to show you how I made a fabulous new doggie house out of all the old Chewy boxes I’ve received. This project cost $0 since I just used paper and other supplies lying around the house.


5 medium size boxes

Painters tape

Spray on adhesive


White construction paper

Shelf liner in wood grain pattern

Colored paper


To begin, I used 2 boxes to create one bigger box. By cutting one side of each box, I connected the 2 boxes together and formed this open box. Use lots of painters tape to hold it together and to hold the flaps in an upright position to make the boxes taller.

Use 2 boxes to create the foundation of the house

Next, make the roof shape. I had to tape 2 boxes together to make it big enough, then cut it down to size. You can make the pitch of the roof as high or low as you’d like.

Add a roof

Next I cut a door for my house. I’ve seen pictures of doors in an arch or some that just folded open so the house doors would close. I’m lazy, so I just cut the entire front off, leaving 2-3 inches on each side. I cut 2 triangles to fit snug under the roof so it’ll keep it’s shape and the roof won’t come falling down on me. Tape it up!

Cut out the door and add triangles under the roof.

I had a bunch of white construction paper lying around so I cut these into 4″ strips to use as the siding of my new house.

White construction paper cut into strips for siding of house

Using spray adhesive, I sprayed the box, then lined up the construction paper to create siding. I staggered the layers a little too. When covering the front portion where the door is, I let the construction paper hang over the edge about 1″-2″ so it could be folded over and you won’t see any cardboard or blue tape on the sides. Don’t forget to cover up the little triangles under the roof too!

Use spray adhesive to add siding to the house


Now for the roof. I thought I’d get a little fancy here. I cut out some cardstock in 4″ x 5″ pieces to create a roof tile look. I covered each piece with the shelf liner so it looks like wood. I cut the shelf liner about an inch bigger than the cardstock so it could be folded over the edges. The shelf liner didn’t actually stick very well when folded over so I had to tape the sides down with 2 small pieces of tape. This was probably the most time consuming part of the project.

Shelf liner and cardstock create roof tiles

Next attach the pieces to the roof top. Start with the lower layer and work your way up. Be sure to lay part of it out to see how many layers will fit on your roof…mine is 3 layers. I attached these pieces with some tape rolled up on the backside of each tile. I like the wood-like look of the shelf paper, but it probably could’ve looked better if I bought some scrapbook paper with a wood grain design.

Attach roof tiles in layers using tape


Now for some finishing touches. I created a border around the door…pink since it’s my hooman’s favorite color. I added a dog bone to let everyone know how lazy I am! A window on the side, and a bougainvillea bush on the side!

Such a cheap and easy DIY! Just don’t leave the house out in the rain!

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.