About Me

About Me Smooshy Mooshy
Mushu (Smooshy Mooshy) and Short Rib (Shorty)


My name is Mushu! I'm the rescue mutt with an attitude.

I was adopted in 2015 by my "Hooman" from Doggie Protective Services in Palo Alto, CA. The Hooman put me in training with California K9 Solutions so I would be more cooperative when she takes my pictures. I will sit still and pose, even in ridiculous outfits and costumes, for any kind of food or treat! Everyone loves my grumpy scowl, classic resting bitch face, and sassy Instagram captions.

I was an only child for a year before the Hooman decided to start fostering dogs. That's when we fell in love with my sister, Short Rib (aka Shorty). The Hooman was an instant foster fail! Shorty was rescued from the Korean dog meat trade, which was the inspiration for her name. My sister doesn't like taking pictures, not even for treats! So she doesn't get her own Instagram account, she just gets featured on mine!

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